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Video Security

With the combination of Internet, Smartphones, Tablets and IP Cameras, keeping an eye on your property is easier than ever. Many of the Security Companies offer video monitoring for a monthly fee, and that's fine. But why pay a third party to do something you can do yourself, and be just as efficient.

Without a monthly subscription you can have IP Cameras installed in or outside you home or business and monitor them on your smartphone, tablet or any computer that has internet. You can record the video from remote locations, so that it is impossible to tamper with the recording should you have a break-in. The camera can also be programmed to take a snap shot and immediately send it to your phone email address, so you are instantly notified of activity.

Cameras are available in many different models some with infrared lighting to work in pitch black areas. Some cameras have pan tilt and zoom functions that you can control right from you cellular phone.

video security cameras

We will be happy to provide you with a free demo. Viewing videos on wireless internet devices may be subject to bandwidth charges from your mobile internet provider.